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About Us

Our History

Glacier Electric Cooperative, Inc. is located in Northwest Montana just East of the continental divide. Glacier Electric provides electricity to our members in Flathead, Glacier, Pondera and Toole counties and parts of Alberta, Canada. The Cooperative headquarters is located at 410 East Main Street in Cut Bank, Montana with a satellite office in Browning, Montana. The GEC service territory is divided into three districts: Browning, Cut Bank and Rural. The GEC board of trustees is comprised of two members from the Browning District, two from the Cut Bank District, four from the Rural District, and one At-Large trustee who can reside anywhere in the GEC service territory.

Board of Trustees
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Glacier Electric Board of Trustees

Terry Tatsey- Vice President (Rural), Frank Augare (Browning), Jim Taylor- President (At Large), Miles Lewis (Rural), Zita Bremner (Browning), Darrol Berkram- (Cut Bank), Rod Cline- Secretary/Treasurer(Cut Bank), Walter Barry (Rural), and Colleen Gustafson- (Rural).


Operations and Maintenance Personnel

Michael Aikins, Apprentice Lineman

Gary Altenburg, Warehouse Supervisor

Andy Anderson, Journeyman Lineman

Dean Berkram, Staking Supervisor

J.R. Costel, Journeyman Lineman

Ron Crossguns, Journeyman Lineman

Shellisa Dagel, Customer Service Rep.

Dean DeVries, Fleet Mechanic

Myles DeVries, Journeyman Lineman

Cal DeZort, Service Lineman/Technician

Marvin Fassett, Technician Serviceman

Ashton Flamand, Apprentice Lineman

Michael Fugle, Journeyman Lineman

Patrick Frydenlund, IT Support

Lauria Ground, Customer Service Rep.

Garrett Hannon, Journeyman Lineman

Stephanie Harwood, Part-Time Customer Service Rep.

Chryshelda Hogue, Customer Service Rep.

John Hovland, Staking Clerk

Jay Monroe, Journeyman Lineman

Kierrin Rooney, Apprentice Lineman

Jenna Running Wolf, Senior Customer Service Rep.

Jordan Running Wolf, Line Foreman

Dolon Saddleback, Apprentice Lineman

Rusty Sharp, Line Foreman

Charley Wolf Tail, Apprentice Lineman


General Manager- Hugo Anderson

Manager of Finance and Administration- Erin Nelson

Manager of Operations- Mike Pyette

Manager of Member Services- Jonnalea Tatsey

Manager of Safety- Doug Ray

Administrative Services Coordinator- Calcie Stubbs

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